Cash For Cars Near DFW

Cash For Cars

Get cash for junk car, truck, SUV and van

Your junk is our asset. Sell it! If your car is crashed, has missing parts, is burnt or flooded or has something else wrong with it, we want it. We will pick it up at no cost to you and we will pay cash for it. Contact us online or by phone and give us the details. Then we will make an offer, collect the vehicle and pay you on the spot!

If your car is old and damaged, and costs more to fix it than it is worth, it’s time to sell it as junk. If you try to sell it to a buyer who wants to fix it, he’s going to make a very low offer, considering the cost of fixing the car. If you sell it as junk, you get an offer based on the value of the scrap metal. That is why it’s a good idea to call us. We pay cash for cars in Plano, including junk cars. The metal in your car is valuable to us, so we will make a very good offer for it. Call us!


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